Sunday, October 24, 2010

i'm allergic to city museum

seriously, it is a cool place but i've been sneezing and runny-nosy STILL, even the next day.  i think they need to clean the place.  please clean the city museum!  here's andrew and kelley goofing around:
aren't they cute?

if you want daily workouts that are extremely challenging, go to andrew's nifty crossfit blog:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

best pillow

i caved~!

i think emi's right, especially when the weather gets cold i'll need the tights.  i bought the underarmour "heat compression" running tights.  ok, i put the CC away now.  you can buy at nordstrom. $39.99.  believe in your guru---if she says forget your dignity, get the running tights, then she must be right!

running "tights" that aren't embarrassing

these look interesting.  they're at nordstroms.  would emi accept as alternate to running tights? hmm.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

starting late in life

this is where i am these days:  and  of course...   i am borrowing emi's faith in my becoming-a-runner since i don't really have any (yet).  today i went outside and walked for about 40 minutes, then went to the gym and (after watching my ex-trainer's crossfit group do 100 wall-balls interspersed with burpees) was motivated to do 20 measly minutes (i mean GOOD JOB! 20 minutes!) on the treadmill.  hopefully i won't be so pathetic soon.
my friend hannah did a 5k last weekend.  i was so bewitched by her success.  yet i still shared a pizza last night with her boyfriend (excuse: celebrating his ravel quartet performance).  there are endless excuses to eat and skip exercise.  but it really feels good when you actually do it.  i want to be, would LOVE to be Master of Impulse-Control.  i read that section of How We Decide (jonah lehrer's awesome book) multiple times.  good luck à moi! 
if you happen to be reading this, please post something really encouraging (even if you don't really mean it!).  thanks a BUNCH!

Monday, October 18, 2010

best defense of cat-owning

as if we need a defense! (ok, we do)

best blog

according to the manrepeller, this is the official uniform for those who repel men:

"not a novel"

have u heard of alain de botton?  read any of his books?

vicodin accessories

vicodin purse ---available at kitson!

Friday, October 15, 2010

season 6 ----SO GOOD

i love mad men, 30Rock, loved arrested development, prison break....