Saturday, January 30, 2010

passing cute

shawn and i were at a long stop light on kingshighway and we had this brief but excellent exchange with this cutey in the next car.  me=making as many funny faces that are in my limited rep.; shawn=waving like a loony; cute boy=waving and just being so darn cute.  ah, it's the little things in life, eh? unexpected and beauteous.

clothes swap update: SARAH

SUCCESS!!  certain magical forces allow miracles to happen once again...
Sarah, bassist and beautiful supermodel (she's like ~6'11 or something)... has raised my ill-fitting (on moi) PETITE ann taylor loft dress to heights (haha, i did that by accident!) of cool never reached before for a petite-sized garment.  thank you sarah!  i knew this dress had capacity for greatness. (i think also i can safely say this is the only petite-sized article she has ever owned) HA! the magique of clothes swap!!
knee-length unflattering dress on me = so cute tunic on sarah!!! YAY

thanks also to EMI (my blog idol as you know) for encouraging clothes-swap, which i never did before.  much more gratifying (sorry) than giving to goodwill. 
props also go to EMILY for giving me beautiful CNC shoes and guh-guh-guh-gorgeous silk top (too nice to wear for orchestra)...clothes-swap RULZ!!
btw, sarah is modeling my petite dress (now adult-size tunic) in the SLSO bass room, which is no doubt a glamorous setting, non?  when do u get to see the SLSO bass room, right? recently it's been beautified, GILDED, be-dazzled to grandness by another bassist, associate principal and seamstress (and world-beautifier) carolyn w., who you can see faintly behind sarah)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

is it ridiculous? or is it just RIDICULOUSLY PRACTICAL :)

i just visited the site cuz they are having a huge marc jacobs sale (everything 70-75% off people!).  when i saw these i was at first weirded out---shoes that uh come with their own socks..? huh?

then i thought, you know, for the busy always-on-the-go (hahahahaha) patent-leather shoe-wearer (it's in the contract at the symphony--MANDATORY! and thus also tax-deductible) such as myself, this is the absolute greatest idea!  right before concerts what am i always doing?  running around looking for a decent pair of knee-hi's (yeah i'm granny about work pantyhose-situation).

but i couldn't do it, cuz even 75% off was like $250, so bubye.. i ended up being very practical, psshhht; bought these for el cheapo, you wouldn't believe me if i told you--

i really wanted these, but none in my size (37.5! if you have them/want to give them to me!):

boo hoo.  i'm just so AVERAGE --the 7's are always gone!
anyway, these are beautiful and exciting and bound to make any concert beautiful and exciting, I AM SURE.

if you want to talk RIDICULOUS, here ya go:

this is, if you cannot tell ( i couldn't) is a GUCCI heart-shaped cell phone charm (!) which is a mere $150.
ah, the luxe life...

thank u alanna cavanagh

you are so witty! so talented! (bitch!!...just kidding!)
i love your illustrations!
i love your prints!

i love your sketches!!

thank you so so so so so much for your email. i switched to gmail so i am lazy to check that i saw your email this morning...Y U SO NICE TO ME? your blog is amazing. you are too cool! and i love love canadians! (tronno is one of my favorite cities, and i'm not just sucking up)......and the answer is yes, YES, i will marry you!!
anyone who says i'm "beauty and brains" (?!?) has my undivided attention. HA!  (the only thing u missed the mark on was "self-deprecating"...i suck at that..TEE HEE!)

i love your humor!!

and now i've copied her whole blog (no, no don't worrry---lots of pretty + clever stuff to see!)

(yay kensington market)

god, i even love your handwriting:

Monday, January 25, 2010

insomnia update (wake up and listen!)

i figured out what i feel like--- it's like i'm a morning person with perpetual jet-lag.

last nite i took unisom. since it is over-the-counter, it must be completely innocuous, right?  i read the box and seems to be the sleepy stuff in nyquil, sans the acetaminophen, anti-histamine, etc.  much better than the desperate reach for benadryl-type sleep medication----ho-ly co-ma.  THAT stuff--(diphenhydramine)--which is so casually prescribed (well, it's not prescription, but u know what i mean) can make you out of it for DAYS, un-relievable by coffee, tea (speed, heroin).   you know that QUACK (NO doubt he is --obliviously--spreading pain, frustration, and further suffering--i think his goofy medical advice is actually dangerous, perhaps morally reprehensible, except he's just self-satisfied and idiotic, so i guess it's more just NEGLIGENCE. oh that's not dangerous at all.)...oh, i'm talking about dr. zorba from the sunday (in st. louis anyway) either at noon or 1--show, "dr. zorba on your health".   i cannot stand to listen but when i happen to catch it, i'm always horrified at his medical advice.  the worst was when he told this girl (grad student) who kept having that horrible horrible TERRIFYING experience--when, while sleeping, you "wake up" mentally but perhaps due to tiredness or some kind of mis-wiring of brain-body (connection that disconnects for sleep so you don't start acting out your dreams)  your body doesn't wake up with you.  it was the most terrifying moment (felt like eternity) in my life...not kidding.. i have only had this once, at aspen one summer during an afternoon collapse-type nap from nights of not sleeping enough--aaahh! so scary and horrible it was.  it's like that french movie, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, "locked-in syndrome".. except --hopefully--it's temporary.  you lay there trying to move a finger, toe, anything, silently screaming "i can't move! i can't move!  help help help!" but you can't even move your mouth, operate your voice.  let me be explicity clear: you are completely awake; this is not a dream-state or sleep-state.  you can hear people, noises around you, are completely awake---yet you, try try try-as-u-might, cannot move, cannot speak, cannot command your body to do anything.  anyway, this grad student who called in to "dr." zorba was complaining of this very condition, except hers happened more than once, actually almost every night!!  she figured out a way to just keep screaming (inside her head) and kicking her legs (trying to kick--so again, mentally) in frantic crazy way until eventually (from pure will, it seems--more will than i had/have) could kick her boyfriend (for real) awake, then they had some sort of arrangement where he would sort of help her wake up (? dont remember)... anyway, dr. zorba giggled and said you know, this is nothing at all;  you just have to make sure your sheets are not on the bed too tight, which can constrict your feet/legs..  i was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? oh it is so wrong that he is on npr with that even more idiotic nutjob old dude sidekick (who won't eat vegetables and thinks tofu is for weirdos) ---i cannot stand it... criminally negligent homicide (i'm sure he has killed before).  anyway, where was i?  oh yeah, he casually prescribes "benadryl" in massive dosages throughout the day even ("if you can handle it---try it first") and recently i heard him tell a guy to just keep taking it regularly, day and night, gradually upping the doses.  how is he supposed to go to work? function? keep his head up?  i know drugs have different effects on people, but it's pretty common i think to take a benadryl and then suddenly find yourself, 5 hours later (or 3 days later) on the floor in a pool of drool.  personally, if i take one at night for really really bad runny-nose/congestion (cuz it does work well) i consciously sign-on to the commitment of being a space-case for the next one and half days (at least).  anyway, dr. zorba--so casual, so wrong, so stupid.  more importantly, so DANGEROUS.  don't ever listen to that dude.  please!  (i know he's sounds so nice and harmless and is from the upper midwest, but he is dangerous!  DANGEROUS, I SAY!!!!! 
this is my PSA for the month.  no zorba.  ever.  tell your friends

Sunday, January 24, 2010

very fun day

"top referring location" (for last week):!

[did i just get up or have i been up..? (do u read this blog?)]

breakfast at 1pm with j.d. at kopperman's (now re-opening for food service at midnight, kids!..incidentally), breezy quick trip through mezzanine (thank you j.d.--who knew boys could enjoy mezzanine? yay), great reading of random pages of many books at left bank books (bought Ford Madox Ford, The Fifth Queen, hardbound --dedicated to joseph conrad, 1906--for 9 bucks! hey, i left it in your car, john!) then concert and post-concert hanging out.   and curry-ramen-flavored candy that sako brought back from japan that  i inflicted on my friends.  here is andrew, fearless taster of weirdo candy, 3 secs after popping this uh savory treat--

then here is blurry (indeed, my camera SUX) shots of noisy scene at maryland house--


best quote (these cards are available at the amazing store/restaurant winslows home btw):

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the perfect squat, a work of art

thing of beauty forever (ninja)

(here's the advanced:)

this, not so much:


kelley pointing out unbecoming man-panties! eww

 the gym was fun today. and MY NECK DOESN'T HURT (miracle!)...  i was scared all day because i've been off the wagon since xmas.  nervous all day about going.  but it's good, even if it's not much, just to do a workout with andrew--he's so organized and perfectionistic. he's even got those old-people pill containers with his vitamins/supplements; i only saw one, but kelley says he has one for each day of the week all lined up at home.  he and kelley are doing 3 workouts a day! in preparation for the CROSSFIT GAMES qualifier next month.  he's apparently even dreaming crossfit workouts.  i love hearing about the workouts and eating cheat-free zone meals---so inspiring! i just got "A Week in the Zone" but haven't started yet.  i had two sips of this "OH YEAH" chocolate drink (32g protein) and that was about enough.  something silty about it.  (32 grams of protein?? yes, not a typo). my workout today was:
500m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups (andrew standing on my feet, only way i can do it)
20 push-ups ("push-ups"- holding weights and girl-style)
20 1-arm rows w/ 15lb weight, each arm (can barely do this--sad)
500m row
have to start somewhere.  lisa 2.0 flamed out awhile back. i'm starting again, lisa 3.0--who is going to run on the treadmill tomorrow.  and try to eat more regularly and more zone-y.  except that i'm going to temptation-ville (brasserie/niche) tonight--i've never been (they just opened across the street) but at niche (the original, in benton park) they always have delicious vegetables that normally i would be a baby about (turnips, Brussel sprouts, beets---delish) but love eating there...
oh here's shawn coming out of our Administrative Service earlier-- random shot o'the day!

guess who he's calling? betcha her name is lisa, her last name starts with 'c' (and it ain't me!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

contents of my brain

kidding, kidding (mwahahahahahahahaha)


cuteness, naps, repeat..and "guilt"--qu'est-ce que c'est?
(les chats parlent le français, duh)

entitled "delusion"

more "neurological" pics from we♥it

saw this on agentbauer too--by jesper waldersten

Sunday, January 17, 2010

for u

Saturday, January 16, 2010


from we♥it

of all the minor sick symptoms, queasy is the worst.  tv makes it worse.reading is impossible.  looking at pictures --except for ↑ pic, mildly tolerable. what CAN u do? 
don't watch tv √
drink water √
don't look up √
don't look down √
wash face repeatedly √
fresh air?
avoid computer ( bubye!)

clogs, blogs, dogs

does "hwang kum" mean "girly"?
i felt
 like a sh*t for posting the most trivial post ever (see: chanel clogs) when there was major natural calamity, but i am just out-of-touch, not callous...let's study the words of true sh*ts (i know theyre easy to hate) pat robertson,  rush limbaugh and even left-wing ppl who politicize human suffering, use it amazingly to breed division, calling people away from our natural humanity (maybe they don't have souls? compasssion?really?) i really am incredulous and hateful toward them because the ONLY bright light in these huge disasters is the unifying force of compassion, the bringing together of international-scale humanity, the highlighting of our togetherness in the world, for once smoothing over divisions of religion/politics/history.... what kind of huge-scale A**HOLE would want to draw division, bring back our trivial disagreements and jerkiness?  also what kind of self-absorbed--to the point of high-ridiculous-level of un-awareness--sacs de douches be surprised that these comments wouldn't be well-received?  how did they achieve such profound f-ed-up courage-of-their-convictions?  their mounds of fan-mail?  fame? they believing stirring up controversy is their "job?"

well, my innocuous clogs are put in my own kind of perspective= an embarrasing inattention to news on my part, not outright thoughtlessness.  feeling bad has its own contexts.  being sick and having no hot water for a  day did cause me to pity myself --yes(truth. sorry.).  feeling bad about feeling bad in today's context is troubling in its own way (disrespectful or diminishing or some d-word)--depressing that you can be depressed even when you don't suffer enough to claim it (just be grateful? seems like a mild schadenfreude) and evolutionarily are we wired to suddenly put everything in perspective in lasting fashion/ do we care on that large scale the same way we care about a friend-- anyway, i feel disingenous to act as if i can even begin to truly comprehend... the number of people affected, then hunger, water, destruction...  so i'm embracing a role to Distract.  i'm not going to think about it for a sec.  except to say i (can only speak personally of course) feel helpless--that i feel i am wired to help and care for those around me, for the people i know, because i feel i CAN...the tsunami, katrina, haiti--these i have trouble filing, too large for me to absorb... on smaller note also seems weird that bill clinton and george dubya are teaming up.  whatever, i'm sure obama is a billion times smarter than me.
for today, i am posting a pic of a sweater you can buy for your boyfriend that would make him positively ADORKABLE --cuz all boys want to look cute!--to humbly demonstrate i don't know much...(but i know..).. that i don't understand the world (let alone koreans).  it's from a wonderfully fun fun fun site called yes style!! haha.  have a laugh at the asian fashion.  have a laugh that i like it !  (i'd wear that plaid top) these boys are more femme than i am-- i mean, they are comfortable in their masculinity so bravo!

yeah you know he thinks he looks hot

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

karl lagerfeld knows whats up

buckle to scando fashion.  "chanel clogs" is like oxymoronic, but just give in to it.
it's not practical, comfortable, you can't run from danger, they're probably unimaginably expensive, but

i am going against the tide on this vital issue.  i vote yes.  yes for clogs. it's a good thing, martha would say