Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the perfect squat, a work of art

thing of beauty forever (ninja)

(here's the advanced:)

this, not so much:


kelley pointing out unbecoming man-panties! eww

 the gym was fun today. and MY NECK DOESN'T HURT (miracle!)...  i was scared all day because i've been off the wagon since xmas.  nervous all day about going.  but it's good, even if it's not much, just to do a workout with andrew--he's so organized and perfectionistic. he's even got those old-people pill containers with his vitamins/supplements; i only saw one, but kelley says he has one for each day of the week all lined up at home.  he and kelley are doing 3 workouts a day! in preparation for the CROSSFIT GAMES qualifier next month.  he's apparently even dreaming crossfit workouts.  i love hearing about the workouts and eating cheat-free zone meals---so inspiring! i just got "A Week in the Zone" but haven't started yet.  i had two sips of this "OH YEAH" chocolate drink (32g protein) and that was about enough.  something silty about it.  (32 grams of protein?? yes, not a typo). my workout today was:
500m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups (andrew standing on my feet, only way i can do it)
20 push-ups ("push-ups"- holding weights and girl-style)
20 1-arm rows w/ 15lb weight, each arm (can barely do this--sad)
500m row
have to start somewhere.  lisa 2.0 flamed out awhile back. i'm starting again, lisa 3.0--who is going to run on the treadmill tomorrow.  and try to eat more regularly and more zone-y.  except that i'm going to temptation-ville (brasserie/niche) tonight--i've never been (they just opened across the street) but at niche (the original, in benton park) they always have delicious vegetables that normally i would be a baby about (turnips, Brussel sprouts, beets---delish) but love eating there...
oh here's shawn coming out of our Administrative Service earlier-- random shot o'the day!

guess who he's calling? betcha her name is lisa, her last name starts with 'c' (and it ain't me!)

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