Sunday, February 19, 2012


i'm still in the ICU today (sunday) but will be moved to a regular floor today.  not to be misterioso, it's just that thursday's events were kinda scary AND kinda gross.
they were not quite equipped at st john's hospital so i was flown to idaho falls thursday night.  but i'm ok and my uncle ray and landon are here, so i'm really wel taken care of!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love ETC

from Paper + Cup Sketchbook ("all things that inspire and make us smile") i stumbled upon such beauty at Love ETC , another site français. Hope they don't mind me sharing to pretty-up this page... it's a fairytale, non?

oh my. is that a tiny cupcake in a teacup???

i MUST stop. i am a thief! (thief of beauty = that's ok)

Too Cute

Cavity-causing prints at rifle and co. !

(this level of cutey only acceptable around valentines. ahem.)