Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so pretty.  from papeterie, letterpressed, 100% cotton...

"love letter wall art"

i like this so much, but i guess i can type it out myself and print it, huh 
(sugarboo designs at hautelook-- i think it's $75)


i breezed through the sale for ya: (at karmaloop)
colcci wool dress

"yuriko uni" jacket, $43.95 (from $146)

more "statement" necklaces

from karmaloop:
"BAD" and "SHUT THE F UP" are the most expensive; i dunno what that means.

one size left!

6½!  $30 at beyond the rack, dolce vita ontario sandal

Monday, April 26, 2010

maya café FUN last nite

lighthouse group (neil's awesome piece)
chris ("going nuts but telling the truth")
the AWESOME trombones (steve, jon, gerry)
andrew--soulful, passionato
beautiful becky (yes that's a banjo)
finishing with reich?  umm, no one wanted to be last...
jodie bica!
tracy and becky!
chris and hannah!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


i saw robertson strolling alone at the hotel in SF in this caj (casual--how do you spell casjj?) garb.  but i stole this pic from adam crane's fb album... you can see sebastian gingras and josh riggs in the background.  this is davies hall---i love that hall!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i think i love boba

have u tried the honeydew at OR smoothie?  omg delicioso
could barely take the picture i was slurping it down so fast (*don't try at home, u might choke on boba)

inauguration of the new stage tomorrow night!!

symphonito sundays
live music performed by musicians about town, including members of the saint louis symphony
please please come (fly in if you have to)!!
doors open 6:30
musical acts start 8:00

maya cafe is in maplewood, mo
right off of manchester rd.

works by:
cornelius dufallo
john zorn (arr. asako kuboki)
steve reich
andrew essig from "models need sleep"
folk tunes sung/banjo'd by becky boyer hall

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

also comes in GEEK

la oaxaqueña

2128 Mission, btwn 17th and Clarion Aly.  GO!!
yum!  and four of us ate [a lot] there for only $40!
a ken ueno know, he's a prof at composer and inspirer

who are these hipsters?
(i stayed with jv and steve and george and whop and sophie in sf)
two pics of ken cuz i haven't seen him in 10+ yrs
a variety of meats



secret unmarked location somewhere also on valencia


14th and valencia

nice ppl work there too


wacky stuff i didn't buy at the soho store.
on my way out i noticed: "No Photography"  whoops... here are the illicit photos!


vegetable pens!  i got the japanese eggplant for yuko..


dark, man