Monday, April 5, 2010

blogging outdoors---thank u lincoln center!

perfect nyc weather, day 5!!
i'm visiting nyc at the most beautiful time of year.  i'm sitting outside between the met and juilliard, after taking the train down from amy + neil's, getting a quick coffee with amy at pain quotidien before her rehearsal--and it's just P E R F E C T.  who knew lincoln center has such a great free wi-fi service; encourages you to hang out in front of the fountain, people-watch, enjoy the weather...still lots of construction and the place looks so different now than 10 yrs ago...i notice juilliard even has all these new patches of grass. maybe you can see it in the pics.
omg, the weather is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

le pain quotidien:

oh, i looked up and some old guy with a huge camera just took a pic of me.  can he do that?

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