Sunday, April 4, 2010

i don't live in nyc/ INDULGE ME!

on my way back from amy's (125th) i walked down broadway for quite a ways, just to enjoy the warm weather and indulge that new york feeling.  there were tons of people out and there was that spring feeling.  i was totally uncool and took all the tourist pictures.  so what.  leave me alone!  oh also, i just got this "memory stick/reader/writer" at J&R (since it's impossible to find the exact cable to replace the one--sony sux-- that broke) so now i can download pics to my heart's desire.  Watch out!  i'm unstoppable!
these are from the night before last...friday nite.

riverside church, across from grant's tomb

to st. louis?  oh if only...

bbow bu bowbbowww (upper west side/seinfeld territory

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