Wednesday, April 14, 2010

strenuously HIGHLY recommend

i was telling my mom about marriage ref (luckily her marriage has no problems, since my dad does not (1)keep a harley in the living room; (2) does the dishes immediately after dinner; (3) does not want to be a rapper) and even she was intrigued.  except i think she'd prefer if it were a vote-in type show.  unfortunately there is no american-idol-type "America Votes" feature----but the show is like being invited to an exclusive party with only highly verbal, witty ninjas and they get to spar and make fun of marriage and married couples' quibbles.  tv is mostly a downer (except for l&o criminal intent and of course Mad Men) but this show is so good....
it's on nbc thursdays at 10, but i never remember so i watch them marathon style on on-demand.  but i looked it up for my mom online...and YAY you can watch all the episodes for free on the nbc website!  i just re-watched part of the one with the metrosexual cop husband who grooms himself all day...hilarious...
watch!! marriage ref episodes

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