Wednesday, March 31, 2010

today on billion dollar babes

paul frank sale, boys and girls

"i have the power" boxers

today on gilt (guilt)

diesel, "all i want symphony pump".   appropriately in patent.  !  totally regulation.  well not the magenta.

carrie bradshaw x 100000:
 i cannot believe the black one is sold-out.
temperley london.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thanks kva-- these are blindingly beautiful

sparkly pumps by balmain!  they are so pretty.  i want other people to wear them so i can enjoy viewing them ...  am i getting old? all i want to wear are these dansko sandals i have.  theyre more comfortable than being barefoot.  serious.  here's a compare/contrast. 

take a bath


from the website:
Light a candle, and let the mirror and windows steam as you submerge into a luxuriating tub soak. Soothing arrangements will invite you to a tranquil state: Fur Elise, Ode to Joy, Adieu to the Piano and other favorites. 52 min. $16.95.

have some lunch

the most delicious you have ever tasted...ok, seen.  so vibrant, though, you can almost smell...
food is beautiful......
careful not to drool on ur keyboard..


gregg's talent/cloak of invisibility

...i think he's like a naturalist.  he doesn't ever disturb the environment; he's the consummate silent, hidden observer, never intervening or influencing.  it's pure record.  it feels like a secret he shares with you. (is that too much? i really feel that way)

he's so invisible, cars don't even hit him!

travel to far-off lands...

for free! with a great travel companion.

another brilliant photog.

check out gregg's new WEBSITE!  ees gorgeous.
i esp like the cuteness in the gallery FACES.  the pictures seem very oregonian.  (u didn't know it was an adjective, eh?)

Monday, March 29, 2010

my top referring location for last wk!

and where i'll be in 3 little days!
i'm stayin downtown:
this'll be my view from my hotel rm, i am sure
(brooklyn bridge)

my new clocky

saw it at UMA downtown and bought it.  in raspberry.  thank you to dave deriso for initially suggesting it to me.  he said he saw it on skymall. skymaul. haha.
anyway, now i will be so punctual it'll be frikin scary.
(and my cat will be traumatized )

also saw this at uma. thot it was beethoven candle,
but it's just a, u know, bust candle:

more steve photos --or, Living Vicariously Thru Friends

a trip they took in late dec.  i miss water.  oh, missouri (misery).
i hope steve and jv don't mind i'm posting these! they are SOOOOOOoooo GREAT.

left coast girl JESSICA 

hi jv!!!

tiny cow

tiny people!
tiny JV!
cool pic of elephant seals + pups

even puddles are beautiful in SF sunset
(didn't i say that steve had amazing eye?)
lupine leaves close-up

dung and track
(steve makes even makes sh*t beautiful)


cutey snail

 thank you to our photographer, steve-o
(not that steve-o)