Friday, March 26, 2010

know thyself. yeah right.

why am i a late-bloomer insomniac?
why do i come up "E/I" (extrovert/introvert) (exactly halfsies) every time i take that myers/briggs personality test (same tie score now as when i was 16)?
why don't i have a waist?
why don't i have a favorite color?
why do peaches make my tongue all itchy?
why is alec baldwin so funny? (wait, that's not related)
and finally......... why do i like these things? confession time:

i like 80%20.
they are so deceptive...they help you lie to the world...
(but they are a little schizo)
the luggage boot from spring 2009...still can buy tho'

these on sale at amazon...

♥melody ankle boots♥
in chocolate/buffalo-check, sigh...

i was weak.
 i scoured the internet for days and found it on amazon for 100 bucks less than other websites.
it was like, FREE!
(so there! leave me alone! i'm not defensive aaaahh)
here is the black/red-check version in a real-life setting:


but 80%20 is perplexing. 
they make these eww floral freaky-deakies↓
too weirdzies:
however, they also make un-crazy:

and then medium-sane:

and besides 80%20 fascination...
 "modern fascinator" comb/hat-thing

and these old-school clarks oxfords:
and this:

i was gonna stop, but i have so many more saved up.  !!
one more admission:

the "mama" track jacket!

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