Thursday, March 25, 2010


why are these "choi shorts"?  are they for korean girls?  why are they all silky and weird and unflattering?
questions:  is this a joke?  why are they $275?  aren't they ooogly?  what do the chong shorts look like?
even the model looks depressed.

the next WHY:  the moto romper? why?
oh it looks much better all covered up:

i think this is much better, this utility "street dress"
i could wear this and go to indian buffet and not suffer
rag and bone

why do i like this?
skunkfunk green jacket
the above and the below i've had on my desktop for awhile, don't know where i got the pics
gorjana greenwich bag
mason by michelle mason cut-out dress

ok, so i don't buy pretty much ANYTHING i post here, but i did buy this millard fillmore "cowl neck duster," cuz it was on hautelook and it was super-cheap and i don't have anything [so impractical?] like it, so i can rationalize.  cuz it's hautelook, i got it yesterday and for a minute i thought, Oh no have i been insomnia-shopping again cuz i have no recollection.. but then i remembered i got it awhile ago (hautelook and gilt wait until you've completely forgotten about it, then they ship it---but it's fun, like xmas, with guilt twinges)... good news: i like it; it's very uniform-y and i feel slightly like a flight attendant.  (good feeling, i think)

hey, ugg makes non-ugg-ish items!
cute huh?

i really regret not buying anything at the MELISSA sale on guilt, i mean GILT..(that was a real freudian slip btw) cuz now i realize that was really really really cheap.  i mean, REALLY cheap. ?!$@#!!
nonsequitur: i'm listening to mahler 7. the mandolin part in the 4th (?) movement.  god that's transportive.  i'm in venice. in my head, on a gondola.  no i've never been to italy
i coulda gotten these for like 35 buck.. they look like patent leather too (tax deductible)

rubbery plastic! jelly shoes in disguise (remember those? elem school memories flood back)
also these "flocked" --that pipe-cleaner-feeling eco-stuff that's waterproof-- black flats.  also were SO cheap on gilt, or hautelook or  my standpartner this week was wearing cute red melissa shoes, that's what reminded me.  envy reminded me!

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  1. i was coveting that rag and bone dress just today. sigh.