Tuesday, March 23, 2010

thank u jerry seinfeld!!

MARRIAGE REF is frikin awesome. MARRIAGE REF IS %$#@?! AMAZING.
the following people advising people on marital spats.... a-maaaayy-zing:

...like ricky gervais said on npr, "who says no to a panel including larry david, madonna [and ricky gervais]?"

also, i misjudged eva longoria and kelly ripa.....HILARIOUS.  REALLY. HILARIOUS.  eva longoria, especially.  i had written her off cuz she's so pretty and happy and married to an NBA player, but holy she is so clever.  i just took a peep at their website---looks like george costanza (um jason alexander), martha stewart, and cedric the entertainer on the panel this week.  i watch on on-demand, so i can have my own private greedy marathon.  the interactions are PRICELESS.  can i use any more CAPITALS??

the host, somebody named something PAPA, is also quick-witted and amazingly funny.  i highly recommend, and i don't watch any reality-type shows (well, except totally awesome shows like Project Runway, NYC PREP, Make Me a Supermodel, MANHUNT --what happened to that awesome show?)...

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