Sunday, February 28, 2010

thrift shop amusements

cherokee street.  i spent very fun and un-stink time at shop called retro101/cherrybomb.  i will share highlights.  then my modest, restrained purchases.
first, cherokee street indian...

entertaining ceramics:

so tacky it's genius: and beautifully knit:

blingbling shoes i dared to put my [sock-covered] feet in:
much more glittery in person.  also, could run mile in them, very comfortable.  i guess also so fun to wear them, that would be motivating.  SO FUN i could do a tapdance!  serious!
but i can't wear old used shoes (even bling ones with a a martini glass drawing on the inside!!!)

an official "lucky strike" bright red BOWLING SLEEVE inside!

YES!  c'est l'astro-turf! a PURSE!!

huh?  knick-knack display violins?  (set of three)

"make 7UP yours"  LAMP!

after trying all the mad-men glasses, several furry coats/capes, i bought these two modest items.  now i realize how i frikin SCORED! the sweater is absolutely perfect, no flaws at all, not even a bit nubby, and when i got home and inspected it further---it's made in japan! so it must be best-quality, right?  i LUV it and it was 15 buck.  the hawaii glass has mai-tai recipe on back.  Handy!  (i've never had a mai-tai, but sounds like a vacation)
u likey?

at first glance looks like uhh you know, but it's not.  it's SUCK'EM UP

best chocolate shop

no kidding.  shenandoah and jefferson, i think.  try cowboy candy, rose petal and red tea truffles, marshmallow bark...

haunted mansions/spooky churches

after 10 yrs, i decide to explore the City.  it's just like Europe, but NOT.
DeMenil Mansion

LEMP Mansion (top 3 haunted places in america)
haunted chicken dinner?

St. Francis de Sales
where st. john d went to grade school (now closed)
close-up of sign across the st. from church (illustrative of that st. louis eclectic charm)
well, i guess you could go to "one nite stand", then dash over to confession...convenient.
i like the little nun praying...

best of la garçonne sale

70% off ACNE jeans!

perfect bad-ass motorcycle jacket:
boy. by band of outsiders

...and the pièce de résistance....
( rodebjer is swedish )

kva needs assistance

YES to prada studs:

where do u get these awesome shoes (+tights!)?

Does KVA really need this bag [that's on sale at kate spade for 30% off]?  vote please.  vote now because supplies are limited.  i vote YES. reasons: untrendy, black (best non-color color), multi-use (shoulder strap AND cute little handles), cute like kva.

boerum hill owen

surf now

sydney beach fashion---profound dedication to here and now (and fatalistic teddy bears)
cute snap on the back so you can always look slim/not slobby---
(thanx emily!)

INSIGHT on reversereverse
on sale for $16---that's 55.555555% off people. i did math for you.

for davin....DUNDERDON....

the style couple, means the other half as well---the victor peacoat is on sale at needsupply!!!
how was chicago?

for emily

(u likey?)  u look the BEST in the haute stuff!!
(the stuff i love but make me look like i'm trying too hard to be cool like u)

roberto roberto roberto


duh, the BESTEST of needsupply

the two sizes of fjällräven laptopbags/backpack--

Saturday, February 27, 2010

best of need supply co.

jeffrey campbell

anzevino + florence

lightweight moto ($59)

gingham tunic

uptown fanciful

i used to dream kate spade, like in college, then i thought it was lame, now it's appealing again, in that wouldn't-it-be-fun-to-be-ladylike-upper-east-side way...and she makes it silly and fun (and kinda expensive).  i give in!  can't pull it off, but it's fun to look at!  i also pick the more conservative/less-fancful stuff...if you want more fanciful/polkadot/day-glo/flowers-everywhere stuff, go to their website!  here's the "up to 75% off" sale page.
i'm mostly listing sale items from their website, so they're reasonably priced
always a season behind, then you have some money in the bank

bourgeois gail top

 hanover manda

roland dani

park ave pearls bombay ring

lady marmalade ring

park and lex ring

poppy cloche

collins boot