Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ok, peeps!!!!!

i know for a fact that i've had 1707 page views in the last 14 days. they can't ALL be my mom!! i don't understand:  how come no one wants shiny hair, pots of money, nyc apt!!??  nobody posts comments=  nobody loves me.  as i said yesterday, i am a shameless 공주 who needs constant attention/comments! shameless!  i'm not mad just sad.  no, i'm not sad, i'm lame.  i'm not lame, i'm an incurable 공주. 
here's a funny picture that i'm posting even tho' like i said, i'm not mad (or passive-aggressive):
this is a photo of me.  i have huge forehead. leave me alone.

ps. thanks, RALEIGH, NC, top referring location for last week!


  1. Okay, I'll bite. I just want to know how you track all that. I've been toying with Google Analytics for a month and am too lame to even understand it. HELP ME, RISA! And if you are correct, just viewing your blog and typing this means I will have a NYC apartment (check), shiny hair (double check) and pots of money....err....wait. That's what I'm missing.

  2. ann, you've already got it all-- love, beauty, einstein IQ, ADORABLE baby (and nacho), nyc lifestyle, paid-off credit cards,(shiny hair, nyc apt), but i assure you :
    watch out for eternal youth, brangelina fame, and world peace. it'll hit ya over ur head if u aren't ready !

    you are definitely one of my advanced posters.
    btw, i track with lijit. (were u in raleigh last week?) love ya!! (i think you actually do have eternal youth...)

  3. Awwww...you're too kind. Really. And no, it wasn't me in Raleigh. I'm stuck in Queens.