Tuesday, February 2, 2010

more, uh.. "convenience" shoes

today on tobi, featuring...ta da!.. "Svelte and Sleek" designer shoes!!  so um continuing with the theme of previous post on marc jacobs' handy patent leather maryjanes replete avec les chaussettes (i hope that's socks in french, it's been awhile since jr. high)--and yes, i've gotten questions on the "stink" factor ("um, special antibacterial material for the "socks"? is my b.s. made-up answer)... perhaps i should ask CATHY, the chief stylist at tobi.com. she's asian, btw. (i don't know which kind :)  is there trickery here? should we trust her? does she really sit around all day answering questions?)  anyway, here are the martin margiela "sandals":
what temp. /climate do you wear these in?  it's like the LA people they make fun of in USWeekly (of course i don't read it! i'm a LIAR too!) for wearing skimpy summer dresses with like minnetonka/ugg/sorel HUGE-ass boots.  so, this is an LA fashion?  but maison martin margiela--they are français, n'est-pas?  i wonder how the french ladies wear them....?  i bet sandra would know...and I KNOW i'd end up admiring them probably, covet them! ($350--that's like $175 per wearing..)....let me know, sandeee!!  oh + how DO you keep them clean and aroma-free? well, it's france, right...

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