Sunday, February 28, 2010

kva needs assistance

YES to prada studs:

where do u get these awesome shoes (+tights!)?

Does KVA really need this bag [that's on sale at kate spade for 30% off]?  vote please.  vote now because supplies are limited.  i vote YES. reasons: untrendy, black (best non-color color), multi-use (shoulder strap AND cute little handles), cute like kva.

boerum hill owen


  1. Ok my comment didn't post! Have to recreate's like the 2nd night of the same it gonna be better or will "something be distressingly out of tune"...

    Yes on the shoes and bag - no brainer. The bag is love because of the shoulder strap and handle - very versatile - and the foldover feature is just too cool. The only downside is that it's Kate Spade - but hey, even the most annoying brands can have a cool piece or two.

  2. kate spade IS annoying...but whenever i pass by the store at frontenac i go in --like my feet just go in, can't help it. got these tiny little acorn earrings. and tried all the [HEAVY] wintercoats in the fall... please don't think less of me. sometimes i think i wanna be "playful"--then quickly snap out of it. all those bows and flowers and her stupid monogram all over the place. BUT, her bags are good---the boerum hill bag is good, kva. also, my circa 1994 red velvet kate spade bag from nordstrom made me euphoric for like 3 months....

  3. yes, the last time anyone was allowed to LIKE kate spade was 1994, i think! she's had some really cute shoes of late, but alas, my midget feet are too small. i keep trying to open my mind to her good attributes, but my oh my the stupid branding is irritating. ok, going back to check out the bag AGAIN. :)