Friday, February 5, 2010

dear jerkface

how tacky. and how hateful.  what is wrong with you??!
why do you and tucker (always tempted to replace a letter) carlson and other jerkfaces all wear those silly bow ties ?   what IS it with that?

i am referring to this little blurb --written not 10 days after the death of Howard Zinn-- i read in the WSJ:
i did this to it first:
then i tried to read the entire piece from the original source:
oh what a mistake, i couldn't handle it.  ok, i have A People's History of the United States-- that makes me and everyone else who made it #7 on Amazon all suckers?  oh, foreigners are bad, people who speak broken English shouldn't vote, America isn't a melting pot--minorities are the enemy and they don't represent us.  i even heard it today, spoken by Tom Tancredo, something about "the people who can't even speak our language, they elected Barack Hussein Obama".   how American is that? Roger Kimball calls A People's History "anti-American"??  aren't we a country of immigrants?  first the Irish are bad, then the Japanese, then ok, everyone who isn't a white man?  what happened to progress?  my rant may not make a lot of sense (skimming over LARGE details of history, i know) but it seems that this piece criticizing Howard Zinn a little over a week after his death, including critique of his obituaries, is the most grotesque kind of sour grapes.  yeah, so he has better book sales than you, even post-mortem?  did envy just eat you up inside?  let me quote the concluding words of this douchebag: 
Howard Zinn has left us. But his repellent ideas — and even more, the contemptuous nihilism that stands behind and fires those ideas — live on.
what a tacky, horrible asshole.  I will conclude with neato picture of Howard Zinn (author of  A People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present (Of course you own it already, but if not--BUY NOW!), also there is a cool documentary about Zinn, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train,which is available on netflix):

Zinn in 1945 (was in the Army Air Force in England during WWII)

RIP, Howard Zinn. August 24, 1922 - January 27, 2010
A great man who not only was extremely learned, an intellectual, but was an activist--he did things to try to right wrongs, clarify history, influenced the world for good.

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