Tuesday, February 16, 2010

seatbelts !

i was admiring beth's bag at work---i thought i was the only one with a seatbelt-bag (mine is freitag---recycled truck tarp messenger bag with a seatbelt strap made in switzerland) but these are v. cool too.  and UPCYCLED.  (freitag still is cooler, cuz they're all different, and they're edgy, haha, and they come with a picture of the hot swiss guy who personally made your bag--nice..)  but these are pretty damn cool...
madison weave (their newest collection)

the one beth has in black--the Lola (ruffled seatbelts--nifty!)

 the "executive" tote
"black label" messenger bag for men in camo

pink lola ruffle --elegant seatbelts

the "brooklyn hobo"

available at seatbelt bags.com
+they come with cute tiny cards with info so when people ask you about where you got your cool bag,
you can hand them out!!  haha!

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