Monday, February 8, 2010

sooo cool: SPIEWAK

why do i like these "uniform" companies?  first, there's dunderdon --workdresses and coats...

but that's easy explained:  they're from göteborg, second largest city in SWEDEN...
but they also have a SOHO of course:

(wait, maybe i just want to be tall and swedish..? (is that redundant?))

do i want to wear a uniform?   life would be easier and i could wear the above everyday for sure..
hmm. anyway, look at the spiewak website.  it's beautiful.  so simple and perfect. and not swedish!
i do want to wear a uniform i think. but only if it's dunderdon or spiewak.  but not the cop uniform. (anyway, that's probably illegal).

sonntag coat

so beautiful isn't it...

the men's stuff is really beautiful (er..handsome) too:

the meade, dugan and thoreau are the best of the men's coats.
oh and the mckenzie:
women's hawthorne:
[ how can puffy coat be so appealing ? ]

i think collar turns into hood too (functional and beautiful)

most of the above pictures i stole from alterbrooklyn-- other than the official spiewak website, they have the best pictures of the coats.  (the pics on karmaloop make the coats look like fashion tragedy, horrible)

maybe i'd just like to look severe in the winter or something... or wear something durable and not something that after two washes it looks all shabby (my closet).

i also found a vintage spiewak coat (70's) on (the only item listed with "spiewak" tag--i'm lazy to look it up!).   it's on sale for $68 i believe.  i think it demonstrates how the classic style (though pattern/color maybe a little anachronistic..i mean, "retro"..) endures. (is-actually-durable!)
 someone should buy this coat and then take a picture and then send it to me because i want to see what it looks like actually worn..(  maybe someone in michigan maybe...(hint hint: kva! no, she only wears burberry! (i don't think she'd wear any other plaid, not that she's a snob; she's just fine-boned, tiny, and wears only burberry. ha ha. no, it's true.))
even their logo is cool:
golden fleece!

they also designed this, which i don't really want to wear..(maybe...kva?):
all the women's coats are good, ALL of them!
if/when you go to the spiewak official website you will see what i mean!
(unfortunately i cannot steal pics from there!!)
the following three are 50% off at thegiantpeach.
 the angry little girls pencil is also 50% off at thegiantpeach!
"boy-chaser" ha ha.
also these vital items: (where is this store? ohhh..alameda, ca... SO.CAL knows my vulnerabilities!)
"NINJAPANTS"!! finally:
i admit i bought this ninja shirt from cafepress:


  1. omg, risachan! you're so silly. damn straight i wouldn't wear another plaid!!! but i'm completely into the uniform concept. i'm going to carnegie with tco in may and my must see is going to be those swedish stores. wanna come in my suitcase? prease???

  2. btw, i want that ninja tshirt. fyi. i want it more than i want it to stop snowing. WANT.