Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HJÄLP MIG! Jag har ingen IKEA!!

I'd like these two IKEA items.  We have no IKEA.  IKEA doesn't ship these items.  I am sad.  I will reimburse you if you get them for me.  The LUSY BLOM rug is $38.99; the RENATE FLORA duvet set is $14.99 (i need a full/queen).  also get me some lingonberry jam, please!  btw: ST LOUIS SUX!!
$14.99 for this pretty duvet ~
Jag älskar Sverige!

also, maybe you can pick up this cute thermos (HÄLSA), $5.99:

oh, finally something i can order for shipping--nitelites!!

they're called SPÖKA!


  1. thanks risa, now i need those things too. i'm going to guess that the rug would be a pain in the ass to ship, but i could grab the duvet and the thermos for you if you'd like! let me know :>

  2. oh you lucky ikea-city person you...sigh.

  3. it's in one of the suburbs between ann arbor and detroit. there's also an AMAZING ramen shop just down the street from ikea, so i don't mind the trek :>

  4. ramen AND ikea?? ok, i think i ♥ detroit