Thursday, February 25, 2010

best of karmaloop (and 6pm)

COLCCI "bombshell" faux fur jacket, $64.95, regular price $175.  i luv colcci. they're from brazil.  i bought cutest denim shorts (in real store, like not in the computer) yesterday on sale for 30-buck.  i feel brazilian already.  except i'm not a size 0 :(  or tan.  or waxed.
close-up of cool buttons:

(Skanky Kitty)

incidentally, tho' michael kors is hateful and his clothes are usu. sucky, his shoes are quite good and they're really really really on sale at 6pm.  these cool wedges (i like the "loden" color best but they have tons of diff colors/styles) are mere $27.75, from supposed retail price of $185.  it's all 85% off at 6pm.

the following cute suede shoes are both $26.25:

i have to feel tall all the time, so i'm pondering these stilts, 20bucks:

platform boots will work also, tho' the bottoms are kinda stupid:

ah..patent sandal---concert shoes? (tax deductible)--not quite regulation:

i wish it were spring NOW...

hey! these are regulation for sure:

[see? michael kors shoes don't suck. QED.]

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