Friday, February 26, 2010

bargains bargains bargains~!! (+free shipping!)

significant sale prices!  like 50% ++ off 
items are from karmaloop---free shipping and promo code for 10buck discount "IDK10"
for us in the envious midwest:

arli jacket by WeSC.

only in "extra small" + "extra extra small" (bastards)
i wish i was supersuper skinny; is that wrong? is that SOCIETY??
(no, i just want this jacket)

dealers of the purple cloth.
i am hopeless 공주.  'tis true.
but i exercise restraint.

80%20 hidden wedge (!) boot. 
how stealth.  i want taller though. more stealthy platform.

paul frank is for kids!
like i'd wear this~!  (i would).

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