Tuesday, February 2, 2010


here is 5-min-from-ma-vie-ennuyeuse-type post, comme d'habitude, EXCEPT that it really was FIVE MINUTES from my life, circa 11pm last night...

last night did ya look at the MOON ?? 
cuz it was freaky-deaky! spooky-dooky!
i was driving along after going to borders...

luckily u cannot see my adult acne (severe)

then, i first noticed this, which was of course FATED (cuz then i noticed the MOON)

all within five minutes or so, the moon--or the fast-moving clouds if u wanna be specific-- was playing peek-a-boo at a quick rate, so quick i could barely catch it.

[note to mom: i got out of the car, so don't get worried, it's not like st. louis is 1st in crime or anything]

yes! with my silly camera that can't do anything!

looks like a rabbit sorta (toki!! or korea-shaped)



oh, herro.


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