Saturday, February 27, 2010

uptown fanciful

i used to dream kate spade, like in college, then i thought it was lame, now it's appealing again, in that wouldn't-it-be-fun-to-be-ladylike-upper-east-side way...and she makes it silly and fun (and kinda expensive).  i give in!  can't pull it off, but it's fun to look at!  i also pick the more conservative/less-fancful stuff...if you want more fanciful/polkadot/day-glo/flowers-everywhere stuff, go to their website!  here's the "up to 75% off" sale page.
i'm mostly listing sale items from their website, so they're reasonably priced
always a season behind, then you have some money in the bank

bourgeois gail top

 hanover manda

roland dani

park ave pearls bombay ring

lady marmalade ring

park and lex ring

poppy cloche

collins boot

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