Friday, February 5, 2010

MODELS NEED SLEEP solo acoustic version

seeing people in new context, very illuminating.  andrew is my gym sadist trainer, i am his lousy student.  last night trainer becomes rockstar, student becomes GROUPIE!

old/normal context: gym, torture, mild ocd

new context: ROCKSTAR, molto passionato!!

the groupies:
kelley, andrew's girlfriend, very cool and inspiring, with outta-town fans

nerdy groupie alert!!:
(do i have an astigmatism or WHAT?! )

my version of that dutch painter, whatshisname...


the misterioso artist formerly known as "andrew":

i also have video of one of the songs, but i cannot figure out why my computer will not download it...very frustrating....more later.  i'm late to see you-know-who (above)....


  1. bring the video file over sometime and I can manipulate it..scan photos from it, purpose the fileset for dvd trans, whatever. macs rule that sort of thing.

  2. my setting for my camera must be wrong. cuz i've taken video before and it usu just downloads as "Movie"-- it's just a 2 minute vid! aww technology, foiled again.

  3. j.d. what is the name of that dutch painter--that famous painting of the artist captured in a little mirror..? you know!! maybe it's van eyck?