Sunday, February 28, 2010

thrift shop amusements

cherokee street.  i spent very fun and un-stink time at shop called retro101/cherrybomb.  i will share highlights.  then my modest, restrained purchases.
first, cherokee street indian...

entertaining ceramics:

so tacky it's genius: and beautifully knit:

blingbling shoes i dared to put my [sock-covered] feet in:
much more glittery in person.  also, could run mile in them, very comfortable.  i guess also so fun to wear them, that would be motivating.  SO FUN i could do a tapdance!  serious!
but i can't wear old used shoes (even bling ones with a a martini glass drawing on the inside!!!)

an official "lucky strike" bright red BOWLING SLEEVE inside!

YES!  c'est l'astro-turf! a PURSE!!

huh?  knick-knack display violins?  (set of three)

"make 7UP yours"  LAMP!

after trying all the mad-men glasses, several furry coats/capes, i bought these two modest items.  now i realize how i frikin SCORED! the sweater is absolutely perfect, no flaws at all, not even a bit nubby, and when i got home and inspected it further---it's made in japan! so it must be best-quality, right?  i LUV it and it was 15 buck.  the hawaii glass has mai-tai recipe on back.  Handy!  (i've never had a mai-tai, but sounds like a vacation)
u likey?

at first glance looks like uhh you know, but it's not.  it's SUCK'EM UP

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