Tuesday, June 23, 2009

funny question

like: "Just what kind of creep ARE YOU?" is a funny question.
like there are categories or something. well, i can think of two--(1) "creepy" like scary, those to avoid, and (2)boys that ignore you suddenly and are thus fascinating (or the twilight guy, v. attractive in creepy way)

that particular question is obviously from some tv show that i like (duh), but i always thought it was a funny question.

downsizing is hard, to change the subject. my apt is 920 sq ft. i think my old apt was like twice that. my dog hates it here. my cat loves it here. i will post a pic of the best thing in my apt next time. not to be an ungrateful creep, my place has 10-ft windows in both rooms, laundry in the hallway, and i gotta extra luxe powder room (with linen closet). yeah, this should make me super happy. yet... you know.... :( persists.

i'm looking at the happy thing in my apt. you should see it. it's so perfect. why can't life be perfect? or just a little closer to perfect? and i'm not selfish--i want perfection for everyone and everything. may god perfect you too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Risa, Greedy Energy-Sucker

what if i'm definitely not strong enough to survive, yet not a candidate to inherit the earth...? what happens to all us mediums? i drink enough "starbuck-double-shot-with-extra-shot-iced-grande-with-one-squeeze-simple-syrup" (thank u shawn--this is legal liquid cocaine, sucked through a straw people) and i feel strong enough to do anything. but usually it just makes me an inane chatterbox with (three hours-)consequent raw throat and complete/utter soul-depletion. i'm greedy for energy. SO greedy. i suck it from drinks, reading material, people, color, small animals, and ***. i want to be up all the time. i want to live some kind of 24-hr sparkly existence, w/o need of sleep or good nutrition. i think this means i'm (put nicely) child-like, or (put more truthfully) childish. that leads me to my other constant-background-crisis, "HOW CAN I BE THIS OLD?" i haven't even been to France. (underpants). child-like, puerile, juvenile, young-at-heart, immature, developmentally-stunted, wide-eyed (?) innocent(?), old lady who wears leggings...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Life" "on" "hold" (all "air-quotes")

i'm moving. it sux. but i will soon be reborn. and all organized. and skinny. and named drucilla.