Monday, August 30, 2010

look what i found !

in department store, Åhlens, in södermalm!


less obnoxious-looking in swedish, no?  well, slightly...

swedish daycare

went with emi and vanja to pick up her two little kids, niki and joel from daycare! cute-attack!

look at her little cubby!

tunnelbana music

i saw/heard a very good cellist busking in the subway at gamla stan:

i am ... a STAR!!!!!!!
make it on LETTERS FROM THE END CONSUMER = make it anywhere

Friday, August 27, 2010

karla frukt!

pretty candy store on karlavägen

dinner at lydmar

that's emi's left arm
they had a band on a crane outside
anders' icelandic beer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

lunch with tim!

my friend tim is in town with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and randomly (well, i saw his update on facebook and contacted him) we got to meet for lunch!  we were at Taos together more than ten years ago!! 
random signage: i think it's for the christian democratic party
we had bimbimbop.  not so good, this place:

if you're craving bimbimbop in Stockholm, i would go to Arirang, which i saw near my hotel.  i've heard good things about that place.  i took a picture last nite.

my walk this morning

look who i saw:
isn't that amazing, how close you get to the animals at djurgården!

my pictures came out dark but it really wasn't this dark out

some kind of regal parade; playing instruments on horses must be tricky

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


finally came out around 7:30pm!
i went to the market,
saw mayo in a tube...
...that comes in like 5 flavors!

is it curry-flavored?
and this i bought to bring home:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stockholm in the dark

(my allusion to david sedaris)

window shopping

i have no room in my suitcase so i must stick to window shopping only.

"bright and youthful"

pas moi!
there's a picture of the woman who designed my room; she looks really nice.
the light blue and bright orange is youthful, i guess!

hotel birger jarl

beeryer-yarl is i think how you pronounce it.  i thought i was moving far away from central stockholm, but it isn't bad at all.  i looked at the map and i'm only 4 subway stops from Slussen, only 2 to T-Centralen.
my computer looks so small --it looks like a cardboard fake one they use for staging.  like the fake turkey in Arrested Development.

movin' on up:  near ritzy östermalm


outside the fotografiska museet was beautiful!

i don't know why some clouds are blackish--i mean, it didn't rain, but they look very threatening

remember the gondolen?  i thought it would be neat, the people in silhouette--maybe just dark

REAL!!  (not real!)

that skirt is bold.  but fashion generally is much bolder than that here.
and everyone is wearing converse or vans. (not that bold)
lots of leggings and tights with no pants and no shame. amazing!

fotografiska museet

it took me 3 tries, but i finally got to the photography museum.  i have maybe one picture from inside the actual museum, because ironically you are not allowed to take any photographs in the photography museum. 

as you can see, even though it's about 6pm, it's still very light out and beautiful
(the museum is open until 9pm)

gift shop

most of the pictures are so famous, so iconic they're already familiar to everyone, but there were also quite a lot of personal pictures, of her family---her parents, her three little children, susan sontag.

Monday, August 23, 2010

stockholm: LIVE!!

ok, well, it's about an hour ago--but that's pretty LIVE, ain't it
G O R G E O U S !
this is at the slussen terminal.  i took the bus the wrong way trying to get to the photography museum, but who cares! 

rosendal produce section

mini produce section at the butik
cute carrots and eggplant
look at those perfect lettuces! all grown there!
fit for royalty

cute onions.  and check out the mongo zucchini!