Monday, August 23, 2010

walk this morning

47 bus is suddenly the 69 bus.  i guess the summer bus schedule is over!  so i got on at my usual spot (bus driver: "47 is OVER; now 69. get on.") and i got off at a beautiful spot in djurgården.  then i walked til i found signs toward things i know, like rosendal.  so i have repeat pictures of rosendal, because it's so pretty. and the weather is especially amazing today---sunny, beautiful, cool, yesterday, actually.

djurgården is like a dream come true!

shady paths, cute dogs, cool breeze
and everything looks greeeeen like this:
rosendals tradgard, part II:

i was just deliriously taking pictures of anything pretty
these are part of the organic flowers you can pick and take home
if you lived here

look, the path gets right to the water's edge!

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