Tuesday, August 17, 2010

raining everywhere!

first it rained like crazy in new york, delaying my flight to copenhagen, then it was raining in copenhagen, and now it's raining in stockholm.  but it's still NICE.  it's cool, light-sweater weather.  perfect after 100-degree heat you-know-where.
i finally got here at around 2pm, then ran out to meet emi at skansen, where they were spending the day.  i could've spent the whole day there with them (i love it there) had i arrived when i was supposed to, 9:30am.  whoa, am i griping?
i'm not.  it wasn't raining when i got here, and my hotel is a less-than-5-minute walk from the arlanda express train that goes to and from the airport. (20 minutes!)  how convenient everything is!

these amusement park rides are part of Gröna Lund, where emi, niki, joel and i caught the ferry to Södermalm, where emi's office is.  (also, incidentally, Södermalm is where the girl with the dragon tattoo has her apartment...the ultra hip area, the more grungy, greenwich villagey part of stockholm)
it started raining while we had coffee, so i ducked into Design Torget, an amazing store full of stuff designed by Swedish designers.  a lot of pretty and witty things.  also useful; i saw this cloth velcro thing that is designed to be a portable child-seat--you can velcro in your child!
here are the photos i tried to take surreptitiously while i was browsing:
a nice reminder:
remember, the boob-memory game?
'tis a magnet!

remember the pretty apple mugs that emi's office-mate Lotta created?
(now she has pears too--i got one)

essential guide to swedish hipsters?
then i ran to the subway

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