Friday, August 20, 2010

you dummy

me, that is.  i took a gazillion pics (i thought) yesterday at the moderna museet.  i took a guided tour and enthusiastically took pictures of all kinds of picasso, warhol, rauschenberg, richter, TONS of ed ruscha (the special exhibit), also matisse (his last painting), emil nolde, kandinsky that looked nothing like kandinsky (an early work), a romanian--what was his name?--artist whose piece entitled "Portrait of James Joyce" was just a spiral on a square...  ANYway, i'm a dumbass cuz my memory card was outta my camera and on my desk: DUH.  it doesn't matter; i will be meeting emi today there for lunch so perhaps i can take some more pictures.  or not.  you can go see some of the pics on their website:
i'm going to gamla stan now for a walk.
maybe i'll put my memory card in my camera now. ha.


  1. I hate that!! Even worse, I left my camera at a restaurant in Asheville, NC yesterday. Fortunately the mgr has it, and will mail it to my home. Phew!!!!!!!