Wednesday, August 18, 2010


this is part of Djurgården, the royal gardens, where they grow their own flowers, produce, everything, and you can purchase them at the shop---along with jams, muesli, baked goods, tea, honey...all made right there at the gardens.  (actually, i asked if they had honey, but the bees apparently were not productive this year, boohoo.  last summer i got some orange honey that was the best EVER!).  i went this afternoon.
btw, i'm sure i'll get over this taking-pictures-of-everything phase, right?  oh it's that impulse-control issue again; i feel compelled to take pictures of everything beautiful or interesting and post them.  i know it's only my mom reading, but that's ok.  i hope she enjoys!!  (and she knows i'm keeping out of trouble)

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