Sunday, June 12, 2011

what? of course they're LOUBOUTIN! go away!

all your shoes can be louboutin.  see, anything is possible.

+you won't fall on your face (rubber looks grippy)

ow ow do i look?

100% cotton
Made in France
regularly $2570, now only $1285
you save 50%!
(please don't wear to your MRI)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

end on a high note

...trying to retrieve...brain..heart..hope...  reverse damage of last post

(to myself:)

♫don't cha?  don't cha?
(remember that awful song about stealing someone's bf??)
♫♪i know you liiiiiiike me....
i know you DO.

2½ minutes to indulge in negativity

when i'm in pain, any kind, it seems my pre-frontal cortex goes out for an inexcusably long coffee break.  so while the Executive is out to lunch, let's (me) indulge in negative thoughts and get it out of our (my) system.

ok, let's cleanse with a picture of my cat


YES, please do

i disagree

especially prescribed for yuuuuuuuu

more drug-free pain relief*!!
(starting out with an asterisk is not usually a good sign, huh..)
*this only provides temporary relief, as in-- one second per image.  look, you take what you can get.

kitty star wars!

LUCI-LOOOO ("lu-chi-luuu"):
all-natural, fast-acting mood-lifter!

...because as we all know laughter is the best medicine. (HA! see previous post re: vicodin)

N E W S F L A S H: magic jewelry does wonders for neck pain

FOR REAL:  magic necklace that i got in the mail yesterday from my aunt in la ACTUALLY WORKS! and i don't even believe in it!  not only am i skeptic of new-agey stuff, i really don't think i am very suggestible either.  i don't think it's a placebo effect i'm experiencing.  seriously.
       the wicked, persistent, unflinching neck pain i've had since mid-march has actually lessened* since the afternoon opera rehearsal i had yesterday. (of course i've also been attached to a constant ice-pack, inhaling advil and took muscle relaxants...but! i've done that for months with no relief.)
       i have no idea how they work.  i will do investigative work (googling) and report back.  this is what they look like, and i saw them here for the same price that my aunt paid.  wow, i sound like an infomercial: 
"Believe me, I was the biggest cynic out there, but I scoff no longer...cuz it worked for me!! AND IT'LL WORK FOR YOU TOO...
only $19.95!"

i think my aunt got mine at MARUKAI, the japanese market in southern calif. 
(can't find it, but WOW there's tons of fun stuff...)
oh and btw they have a new store in cupertino (bay area/no.calif),
(and also in osaka and hawaii!!)
(ooh they're having a "June Bikkuri Sale" !! ...who needs five different kinds of SPAM?)

*ok, disclaimer time:  i might be a little bit of a  ばか (DUMBASS).  
*full disclosure:  i realize that at this moment i must honestly report that i am experiencing some really annoying, disheartening pain, but i swear it's not as excruciating as pre-necklace...omg, it is a placebo, isn't it?  (no it's not!)  (but it is; it MUST be!)

OK, due to my embarassingly obvious inner conflict,  i am modifying/clarifying my official recommendation for neck pain relief: 
hot/cold pack + muscle relaxants* + violin-avoidance + magnetic necklace + prayer + [i give up, i want some] VICODIN.   (now we're talking real magic...)

ANOTHER WARNING:  do not use ice-pack directly on skin like i just did !?@# like a total  ばか, even though it feels sooo good...i can't resist...

THANKS ANYWAY, MIRIAM!  also for the new hot/cold pack with washable-cover (with cats on it!) !!

*i have several prescriptions---carisoprodol, tizanidine, and amrix.  i only take them at night, and/or i don't have to go anywhere for several hours because they all make you severely drowsy.  actually, i have not taken the samples of amrix that i have, because i am scared is advertised as "the first and only 24-hour muscle relaxer."  translation: 24-hr coma.  osteopath told me to take it and drink coffee all day...but still, it's like giving up a day of your life... which i guess i would do, if it helped my neck.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i also give you TOUGH LOVE

today i expand your vocabulary

does everyone know this word already?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

i alert you to good sales

this amazing bag is on sale for 28% off at A+R Store

this "clothes peg" is on sale for 7 bucks at farfetch
(i am not exactly sure what they are, but they are from milan).

i just want to post stuff (stolen mainly from we♥it) !

i thought, who is this graphic for....cult leaders?  then i thought, oh for people who have half-assed blogs?

or, maybe i should state my message:
or not hesitate to express my beliefs:
or just be semplice about sharing: