Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eating pizza and regretting it within secs

holy moment-on-the-lips-lifetime-on-the.. (oh god! hopefully not)..
here are some fun peeps, the brazen and hilarious hannah, violinist, her boyfriend and frequent chamber music collaborator (hahahaha, he would laff too) chris,violist (don't hold against him, he's still v. cool) and lovable just-from-aruba (bee-YOTCH) ranya (i love her name, don't you?) who is a cellist/rockstar:
chris and some asian girl who cannot smile* ('tard!)
smiley chris and non-smiley morose girl who is flaring her nostrils like a horse (v. becoming)

hannah, who i prompted like tyra banks: I WANT FIERCE! IN THE EYES!! NOW!!!

SO FIERCE a ghost wanted some of that (spooky)

ranya=innocente; hannah=mastering fierce (bordering on menacing)

ranya's had enough, hannah still "there"--she is not drunk, just assertive!

right now i am slathered in biofreeze and cleaning.  as you can see, i'm blogging more than cleaning, but still... hey, laundry's done, bubye!

*after 3 beethoven 5's in 2 days, morose girl is too tired to smile. (that's my excuse/i'm stickin' to it)!

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