Monday, February 1, 2010

sunny climes, same clef... whatEVer

i can learn flute, right?  no prob. i heard it's super easy!
har har.

Los Angeles Philharmonic
FLUTE - Principal Flute

Resume Date - March 13, 2010

Audition Date - May 1-3, 2010

Starting Date - Not Provided

General Information - Auditions will be held in Los Angeles. Employment to commence based upon the winner’s availability and Los Angeles Philharmonic schedule The Los Angeles Philharmonic Auditions and Renewals Committee reserves the right to dismiss immediately any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards at these auditions. Please visit our website at The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information - For further information, please send two copies of your one­page resumé to: Ellie Nishi, Auditions Coordinator Los Angeles Philharmonic 151 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012 Repertoire information will not be given over the telephone. Resumés by fax will not be accepted.

Website -
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