Wednesday, February 3, 2010

angelina (please! not brange----)!! my unabashed admiration

i know i'm making myself (i accidentally wrote "meself" which cracked me up, sorry) prey to deserv-ed mockery, but i have something huge in common with angelina jolie.  i did not canoodle with Lady Gaga (yes she is capitalization-worthy)..."ANGELINA JOLIE HAD AFFAIR WITH LADY GAGA"   (from China Daily [wtf?], Feb. 1, 2010)...
let's back up:  i was watching The Actors Studio this morning and she was on (yes it's on at 7am)--it was an old episode, pre-saving the world (i don't mean that in a mean way/ i was being glib, sorry--actually, i genuinely think she is doing what she feels is right, doing as much as she can within her life and her power as a big name, taking on a lot of responsibility, more than she "needs to" and in a way that makes her a spotlit personality for good; i don't believe as some others do that she is just this insatiable exhibitionist/attention-getter--no, not at all. -->) and the beginning phase of Life w/Brad... and despite James Lipton's insipid, irrelevant, fake-controversial (what a phony he is--example: a.j., very natural, trying to strike an honest, open note, then he butts his big bald head in, "IN MR. AND MRS. SMITH YOU AND BRAD PITT WERE INCANDESCENT--" (and he honestly wonders why will ferrell's portrayal of him is so hilarious---scrumptuLEScent" ---" and his unfathomable, irritating, consistent habit of veering the conversation when it starts getting good..(!!!) she struck me as shockingly sincere and not sincerely shocking or candid for controversy/attention.  She is not a sensationalist, really, but quite the opposite; i think she is like me, a truth-addict. an Honesty Addict. 
[she does say in the interview that she knows addiction "in all forms"--(then of course ol' perv LIPTON presses her, drooling, "drug addiction?" )]
 i think her fast-track youth, her complex and conflicted relationship with her hollywood dad, Jon Voight, her parents' divorce early in her life, consequent sympathy (extreme empathy) with her mother, and women in general, etc. etc., drama galore, wild-child antics/exploration led her to a place of real wisdom.  she's experienced it all, seemingly, and, instead of escaping or hiding, she has actually reflected and learned stuff and was/is comfortable embracing the public, the world, can express herself very well--she could at a.relatively young age, which made everyone suspicious. the Crazy in her did not brand her for life and did not cause her to crumble--and i think she did it herself, relying on the truth that she learned how to face head-on through her trials, public and private (or the blended public-and-private experience that is the truth of her life) = this truth, her ability to speak about her quest for it and her convictions about it w/in herself--about her ACTIONS toward it-- is compelling, not just her beauty and ridiculous bee-stung lips (of course that is part of  the  whole of her compelling public figure of course, duh).  actually, her beauty and helium-filled lips could have allowed her to have quite the opposite life, floating on the admiration and the attention, meaninglessly...

she makes me want to get tattoos. of Latin phrases. and windows. (or--too cheezy?-- a quote of oscar wilde?)  her "tats" are her indelible reminders of what she finds truth in, words that allow her to access the truth like if she finds herself veering or (is it possible?) or confidence in truth waning.

i will paraphrase her answers to the silly questionnaire by the French dude, Bernard Diveau (?) (i can never understand what hiss name is--i blame monsieur lipton's shitty french).  i think you will believe me!  and let me preface this pretty-exact transcript (i took frantic, but good notes) by letting you know that she answered every question immediately, almost before he was done stating the question (in his annoyingly fakey hushed-modesty hummm voice).  I couldn't write it this way, due to clarity issues, but imagine every answer right next to each question mark, on TOP of the question mark!:
Your favorite word?   "Now."
Your least favorite word?   "No."
What turns you on?   "Anything that's raw. Raw."
What turns you off?   "Anything that's false. Falseness."
What noise or sound do you love?  "My son.  My son's bubbly unstoppable laughter."
What sound or noise do you hate?  "Children in pain"
What is your favorite curse word?  "Fuck"
What profession would you like to attempt if you weren't an actor?   "Explorer."
What profession would you hate?  "Something that was the same everyday, where i would be locked up in a small space."
What do hear God say, if Heaven exists [the Pearly Gates question]?  "YOU are allowed in...?"
unlike many actors i've seen on the show, she actually took the questions seriously; no cheap jabs, no attempts (tempting i am SURE) to mock james lipton or the questions... admirable, right?
also...the Q/A !!
--"Angelina... here  are  your  students ..." *gag*-- was very revealing too.  some douchey dutch schmoe (nothing against the dutch, they are great, very organized, multilingual, cool) asked her about sex scenes and she replied simply and openly: "I have no problem with sex scenes.  Sex scenes are easier for me than a soul-connection moment, an emotional scene let's say across a dinner table." 
i guess generally i am impressed/touched/surprised at her genuineness (and i think it's real) (tho' i'm a known sucker, 'tis true) and her ability to show real humility, not afraid to be seen in a bad light.   she wasn't careful.  she wasn't hesistant at all.  she seemed to really --sorry so trite-- comfortable in her own skin.

oh god, there's someone on my balcony.  what? spiderman?
no it's a worker guy in orange. how'd he get up here?  gotta go.

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