Monday, March 1, 2010

sky's the limit/ you're not trying hard enough

don't get greedy, people!  i can't even use mascara!!
but talk about butterfly's-wings-fragiléeee... beautfieeeful
perhaps i will be able to wear them someday *sigh* after my eyelid operation ("sankapul surgery" for those who went to juilliard, or any conservatory really) and facelift -combo outpatient service in 압쿠종 .  i'm sure this exists btw.  cuz then you need to get your hair done and get to prada before it closes.

thank you andrew---you are so truly artistic, always noticing beauty and beautiful strangeness and unexpected beautiful strangeness.  thanx again for the alert.

paperself is itself really amazing; they're like origami gone picasso on crack hooked up to IV drip of creativity.  i'm envious of creativity.  i'd like to be creative. i'd like to see everything super-new again like a child.  can i just have a new spongy brain or something?
yeah that's like furniture and LIGHTING (fire hazard?)

look at this beautifully intricate array of fanciful-to-max styles:
"peach blossoms "
(i think it's peachBOY momotaro, right?)

i say zebras.


anyway, so pretty and otherworldly.
this totally makes up for andrew's comments about my personality.
"you know, i live my liiife, like a left open in the wind"

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