Tuesday, April 13, 2010

magnes sisters on gilt!!

but they don't have the one i like...of course.  technically it's on gilt FUSE.  i'm at phoenix sky harbor airport, which is a fabulous airport (unlike st. louis) because--can u believe?--they have free wireless!  whoa, it's like i'm in europe.  or asia.  haha.
well, if i was forced at gunpoint to buy a bag (? crazytalk) i kinda like this small brown tote.  and it's two hundred dollars off, at $119.  pretty good deal.  but i hold out for the Dream.  just watch, while i mentally whine about my boring layover here (~2½hrs), in a flash that losing-track-of-time thing will happen to me again (happens way too much--i'm such a liability) and i'll miss my flight.  but NO, don't worry---i have stationed myself at a convenient post (avec outlet for my computer, even) next to a nice older man who looks like he plays golf continuously (beyond tan) (who helped me hook up to wi-fi, cuz my computer is so uncooperative) RIGHT ACROSS--FACING --the gate from which i leave.  there is no WAY i could miss my flight. no. way.  (update later)

here's the cute bag that i won't buy:
looks gigantic cuz i cropped the margins of the orig. photo---it's actually only like 15x9in.

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  1. I can vouch that this bag is fabulous and the perfect size. I recently purchased the same bag in blue and I am obsessed and the leather is amazing. Why wouldn't you buy? Treat yourself for not missing your flight.