Tuesday, April 13, 2010

is it too late for me to go to F.I.T.?

remember the little travel-size asian guy--THAKOON-- that all of vogue (including anna wintour herself) was/were fawning all over as the NEW HOT DESIGNER in september issue??  eww, look at this green ugly on sale on gilt today.  regular price $1050. (wtf).  sale price, a mere $449.  richard chai is much better, if we compare diminutive asian designers.  is he korean or chinese?
here is the dreamy (nightmarey) thakoon dress. 
even makes the skinny-mini model look doughy--that's a feat.  now compare to richard chai, much more elegant...silk chiffon top is gorgeous:
i still don't get it ($800 blouse?) but i get it a little.  if that makes any sense.  to be luxe you gotta be a little immoral.  step on all the normal gap and banana and h&m people with your gazillion-dollar jimmy choos...

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