Sunday, January 17, 2010

for u


  1. the "thoughts of tacos" portion of my brain is probably much larger than what is shown in this graphic.

    tacos dominate my feeble brain process...I have no idea why. maybe that's why I was relegated to the short bus during my school years.

  2. shuuddup, you were NOT on the shortbus! (unless it was some scheme to skip class--genius!) i like the tiny portion devoted to "fond memories/elementary school" and hate to admit i waste lots of valuable real-estate (it's hereditary, i SWEAR) to nitpicking about spelling (grammar i myself am shaky about).. oh and logic, specifically "incessant"? eh?this is not my brain, obviously --also, TACOS!? REALLY? TACOS? that's cute. tacos are cute--in this context it's like innocent, pure even. ho ho.

  3. i'm going to post a small version of this pic cuz it's cuter to see the entire brain (what, have i ran out of adjectives? everything is "cute" "cool" or "frikin cool". yeah, my brain isn't in downward-fast atrophy!