Sunday, January 24, 2010

very fun day

"top referring location" (for last week):!

[did i just get up or have i been up..? (do u read this blog?)]

breakfast at 1pm with j.d. at kopperman's (now re-opening for food service at midnight, kids!..incidentally), breezy quick trip through mezzanine (thank you j.d.--who knew boys could enjoy mezzanine? yay), great reading of random pages of many books at left bank books (bought Ford Madox Ford, The Fifth Queen, hardbound --dedicated to joseph conrad, 1906--for 9 bucks! hey, i left it in your car, john!) then concert and post-concert hanging out.   and curry-ramen-flavored candy that sako brought back from japan that  i inflicted on my friends.  here is andrew, fearless taster of weirdo candy, 3 secs after popping this uh savory treat--

then here is blurry (indeed, my camera SUX) shots of noisy scene at maryland house--


best quote (these cards are available at the amazing store/restaurant winslows home btw):

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