Saturday, January 30, 2010

clothes swap update: SARAH

SUCCESS!!  certain magical forces allow miracles to happen once again...
Sarah, bassist and beautiful supermodel (she's like ~6'11 or something)... has raised my ill-fitting (on moi) PETITE ann taylor loft dress to heights (haha, i did that by accident!) of cool never reached before for a petite-sized garment.  thank you sarah!  i knew this dress had capacity for greatness. (i think also i can safely say this is the only petite-sized article she has ever owned) HA! the magique of clothes swap!!
knee-length unflattering dress on me = so cute tunic on sarah!!! YAY

thanks also to EMI (my blog idol as you know) for encouraging clothes-swap, which i never did before.  much more gratifying (sorry) than giving to goodwill. 
props also go to EMILY for giving me beautiful CNC shoes and guh-guh-guh-gorgeous silk top (too nice to wear for orchestra)...clothes-swap RULZ!!
btw, sarah is modeling my petite dress (now adult-size tunic) in the SLSO bass room, which is no doubt a glamorous setting, non?  when do u get to see the SLSO bass room, right? recently it's been beautified, GILDED, be-dazzled to grandness by another bassist, associate principal and seamstress (and world-beautifier) carolyn w., who you can see faintly behind sarah)

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