Wednesday, January 27, 2010

thank u alanna cavanagh

you are so witty! so talented! (bitch!!...just kidding!)
i love your illustrations!
i love your prints!

i love your sketches!!

thank you so so so so so much for your email. i switched to gmail so i am lazy to check that i saw your email this morning...Y U SO NICE TO ME? your blog is amazing. you are too cool! and i love love canadians! (tronno is one of my favorite cities, and i'm not just sucking up)......and the answer is yes, YES, i will marry you!!
anyone who says i'm "beauty and brains" (?!?) has my undivided attention. HA!  (the only thing u missed the mark on was "self-deprecating"...i suck at that..TEE HEE!)

i love your humor!!

and now i've copied her whole blog (no, no don't worrry---lots of pretty + clever stuff to see!)

(yay kensington market)

god, i even love your handwriting:

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