Saturday, January 16, 2010

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does "hwang kum" mean "girly"?
i felt
 like a sh*t for posting the most trivial post ever (see: chanel clogs) when there was major natural calamity, but i am just out-of-touch, not callous...let's study the words of true sh*ts (i know theyre easy to hate) pat robertson,  rush limbaugh and even left-wing ppl who politicize human suffering, use it amazingly to breed division, calling people away from our natural humanity (maybe they don't have souls? compasssion?really?) i really am incredulous and hateful toward them because the ONLY bright light in these huge disasters is the unifying force of compassion, the bringing together of international-scale humanity, the highlighting of our togetherness in the world, for once smoothing over divisions of religion/politics/history.... what kind of huge-scale A**HOLE would want to draw division, bring back our trivial disagreements and jerkiness?  also what kind of self-absorbed--to the point of high-ridiculous-level of un-awareness--sacs de douches be surprised that these comments wouldn't be well-received?  how did they achieve such profound f-ed-up courage-of-their-convictions?  their mounds of fan-mail?  fame? they believing stirring up controversy is their "job?"

well, my innocuous clogs are put in my own kind of perspective= an embarrasing inattention to news on my part, not outright thoughtlessness.  feeling bad has its own contexts.  being sick and having no hot water for a  day did cause me to pity myself --yes(truth. sorry.).  feeling bad about feeling bad in today's context is troubling in its own way (disrespectful or diminishing or some d-word)--depressing that you can be depressed even when you don't suffer enough to claim it (just be grateful? seems like a mild schadenfreude) and evolutionarily are we wired to suddenly put everything in perspective in lasting fashion/ do we care on that large scale the same way we care about a friend-- anyway, i feel disingenous to act as if i can even begin to truly comprehend... the number of people affected, then hunger, water, destruction...  so i'm embracing a role to Distract.  i'm not going to think about it for a sec.  except to say i (can only speak personally of course) feel helpless--that i feel i am wired to help and care for those around me, for the people i know, because i feel i CAN...the tsunami, katrina, haiti--these i have trouble filing, too large for me to absorb... on smaller note also seems weird that bill clinton and george dubya are teaming up.  whatever, i'm sure obama is a billion times smarter than me.
for today, i am posting a pic of a sweater you can buy for your boyfriend that would make him positively ADORKABLE --cuz all boys want to look cute!--to humbly demonstrate i don't know much...(but i know..).. that i don't understand the world (let alone koreans).  it's from a wonderfully fun fun fun site called yes style!! haha.  have a laugh at the asian fashion.  have a laugh that i like it !  (i'd wear that plaid top) these boys are more femme than i am-- i mean, they are comfortable in their masculinity so bravo!

yeah you know he thinks he looks hot

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  1. personally, i thought those shoes were hot!

    in regard to Haiti, all we can do is donate and hope.