Wednesday, January 27, 2010

is it ridiculous? or is it just RIDICULOUSLY PRACTICAL :)

i just visited the site cuz they are having a huge marc jacobs sale (everything 70-75% off people!).  when i saw these i was at first weirded out---shoes that uh come with their own socks..? huh?

then i thought, you know, for the busy always-on-the-go (hahahahaha) patent-leather shoe-wearer (it's in the contract at the symphony--MANDATORY! and thus also tax-deductible) such as myself, this is the absolute greatest idea!  right before concerts what am i always doing?  running around looking for a decent pair of knee-hi's (yeah i'm granny about work pantyhose-situation).

but i couldn't do it, cuz even 75% off was like $250, so bubye.. i ended up being very practical, psshhht; bought these for el cheapo, you wouldn't believe me if i told you--

i really wanted these, but none in my size (37.5! if you have them/want to give them to me!):

boo hoo.  i'm just so AVERAGE --the 7's are always gone!
anyway, these are beautiful and exciting and bound to make any concert beautiful and exciting, I AM SURE.

if you want to talk RIDICULOUS, here ya go:

this is, if you cannot tell ( i couldn't) is a GUCCI heart-shaped cell phone charm (!) which is a mere $150.
ah, the luxe life...


  1. OMG DOPPELGANGER!!! the four inch ones with the bows...I HAVE THEM!!! i got them three years ago, full price, of course. risa, you're starting to freak me out more than just a rittle bit!