Sunday, June 27, 2010


i can't stop playing WORD BUBBLES!!  beat my score:  2970
it's supposed to improve verbal fluency, but i think it's just addictive.
they have a lot of fun games at  the spatial and memory games are so hard for me--so easily distracted!


  1. Oh Lisa, I don't know whether to thank you or not for sharing WORD BUBBLES. I am easily addicted to these things too and probably didn't need it, but love it. It must be good for my brain as well, I tell myself. I may never get on to the other games if they aren't as much fun.
    Marilyn B

  2. haha! that's exactly how i am! but i've found the other games to be fun too (just not as fun as word b!). my high score is now above 3000 so i'm taking a break..

  3. James and I have been playing this nonstop today! I love this game!
    -your neighbor

  4. For being a wordsmith I am a dismal failure. I think I need a nap, or at the very least I need time to think. Apparently I'm not spontaneous or maybe I'm in a bubble not of the word kind.