Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Erin Bode at Jazz at the Bistro!

last friday and saturday nights, may 20 and 21---- soooo much fun. adam maness writes the string parts and makes us look good!   don't usu. have such great times with the violin! (we fight a lot)
jazz at the bistro is awesome.  and erin bode group comprised of the NICEST people on earth, plus ridiculously talented....'twas an honor.  jane price, laura reycraft, and valentina takova ---lovely nice people to play with....wish we could do it every weekend!

me and jane!! i ruv you!!


  1. Looks awshum. Jealous. So jealous. Makes me want to get my 10th grade violin out of hiding and make horrible screeching noises with it until it obeys and all of a sudden I'm having fun playing in a brilliant quintet at a jazz bar. Damn you Lisa!

  2. you so nice. very rarely does an asian violinist gets to feel "cool"---i got to use cool jazz terms too, like "set", "back-beat", "vamp"...

  3. The May 20th show was my first date with my girlfriend. I found these photos while piecing together a collage for our 1 yr. This really was a great show. Thanks!