Saturday, August 6, 2011


before karen showed up a week ago i was at the tetons and NOT playing...ok so i was doing a lot of SSA (stupid single activities) in my 2br condo all-to-myself.  v. similar to st. louis actually (SAD)).  one of these is the book-ADD thing where i can't decide what book i should read then i open a random page and see if it's meaningful/motivational/interesting (don't judge--remember: SSA).  at one point later in the week  i was v. v.v. restless(during a particular two-day period when my neck was esp. painful and i couldn't stick to anything) and it further devolved into sticking my camera into random bks in the condo (not the ones i brought) and seeing if i get any 'meaningful' messages.  i got THIS my first try (seriously--- i didn't cheat). 
★obviously it's something profound about cookies and playmates and awkward language.  ★

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