Monday, March 26, 2012

a wonka moment

have you ever seen GILT TASTE?  oh my.  it's the most unbelievable collection of beautiful, amazing, extragant indulgence... it seems to go on forever too, scrolling down to even more pretty perfect delicious-looking wonders.  it's really magical. i'm not kidding.
ever heard of miso-chocolate? tea matcha chocolate?


look at this mariebelle ridiculousness?  how can you eat them?


  1. Hey, Lisa! It's so nice to see you back at your blog. I've checked every once in a while (like when you were in the hospital in February) but hadn't seen any posts for awhile, and I was getting worried. I miss seeing you in the orchestra when I'm in the chorus (as happened this past Friday with Final Fantasy and will happen again this week with the Bach B minor). So I hope you're on your way to being well.

    You are missing a beautiful spring. I admit I was bummed with having no winter (I mean I think it snowed TWICE, I wore my Uggs twice and my down coat with hood twice. Geez.) I love having some winter and so was grouchy about spring this year, but now the blooming trees are lifing my heart (and making my nose run).

    Welcome back on line. And I hope you'll be back soon.

    Shirley Bynum Smith

  2. Well now I'm going to be thinking about that Matcha chocolate all night, so thanks a lot.