Thursday, April 26, 2012

no more house !

i think i think of hugh laurie as 4 distinct different people-- bertie wooster, dr. house, his normal britishy self, and the jaded-but-good grumps from sense and sensibility.. did i forget anyone? (never watched blackadder)


  1. Blackadder?!?! That was him?!? You must watch. Very good show. Do I get shiny hair now? I really want shiny hair.

  2. haven't seen Blackadder??? He was BRILLIANT! Well, Hugh is Brilliant in anything. I'm Amy and I love Hugh Laurie and I am happy to meet others who do. What an adorable, lovable, hunky British lug, eh? I'm excited to have tickets to see him when he comes to the Twin Cities in August! Have you read his book? It's really well written. What a talent! Glad I found you...I'll check in as I can.

  3. I'll take my eternal youth now, please.